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Indulge and Relax in Terme Slovenia
Spa, Wellness & Health Rseorts

If you want yourself to be pampered the spa resorts in Slovenia can offer you just that. You will love the natural springs at Slovenia and at the same time it is good to know that the major health resorts out here offer a kind of wellness program.


Traditions Combined with Modern Techniques at Slovenia Terme-s

According to written documents thermal spas and health resorts have existed in Slovenia ever since 1147, but archaelogical findings from the Roman Era show that Romans utilized the benefits of natural springs and mineral waters of Slovenia.

Today the spa traditions and treatments of the past are combined with modern innovations, technology. Certain aspects of Eastern philosophy are also adopted ensuring that you'll have a truly satisfying as well as entertaining spa holiday in Slovenia.

Spa resorts Slovenia
Spa and Wellness Hotels Slovenia

The majority of Slovenian health and spa resorts use the Italian word terme or the Slovenian term toplice.

The different temperatures (32 °C-37 °C) and the different qualities of the waters are responsible for the healing benefits of thermal waters in Slovenia.

It is great to undergo the stress-reduction, therapies adopted from the Far East , beauty treatments, nutrition and weight loss programs, as well as classical massage techniques.

A holiday at a spa resort is an excellent choice for families with children. There's no kid on earth who (at least I don't know of any) wouldn't enjoy jumping and paddling in the pools. What's more various programmes organized by the resorts animation team keep children entertained if they had enough of the water fun. See tips on other actvities for children in Slovenia.


Quality, Expertise, Affordable Prices in Spas in Slovenia

Spa vacation Slovenia

Today there are 25 certified health & spa resorts in Slovenia, two of the on the Adriatic coast.

The certification ensures top quality treatments, first class service, and custom-made treatments and therapies. Moreover you can get these for less than in other western European health and spa centres. See the prices of treatments and services at the certain Slovenian spa resorts.

Most thermal and wellness hotels offer special packages throughout the year including all-inclusive, tailor-made wellness holidays like weight loss and diet programs.


You can either book this individual wellness packages or just book a hotel room and select from the programs on the spot. The helpful staff will help you put together a wellness program that best suits your preferences.

Note that prices are a higher during holidays like Christmas or Easter. At most spa and wellness centres families with kids get discounts on room prices and on other services or ticket prices.


Sea, Spa, Special Climate

Spa resort at the Slovenia coast

The health resorts at the coast use sea water, mud and algae in their treatments. The pleasant Mediterranean climate at the seaside enhances the benefits of special treatments and helps you totally relax and forget about everyday stress.

This is the Thalassotherapy which received its name after the Greek word "thalasso" meaning sea.

The two major spa & wellness resorts on Slovenia's coast are:

  • the Terme & Wellness Palace Portoroz and
  • Talaso Strunjan Spa Hotels.

The Salinera Bioenergy Resort in Strunjan Bay is a relatively new addition to Slovenia's wellness scene.


The other wellness and spa establishments are in the eastern part of Slovenia mainly in Dolenjska and Prekmurje regions:

  • Radenci Health Resort
  • Ptuj Thermal Spa
  • Olimia Thermal Spa in Podcetertek
  • Terme 3000 Spa & Thermalium in Moravske Toplice
  • Lendava Thermal Spa
  • Lasko Health Spa
  • Smajerske Toplice Health Resort
  • Dobrna Thermal Spa
  • Zrece-Rogla Health Resort
  • Terme Topolsica

The Socni gaj camping at Terme Banovci is reserved for naturists.

Mountain Wellness Centre Bolfenk offers complete relaxation for the whole family in the green Pohorje Mountains.

Healing and Recuperating

Wellness Hotel Slovenia

The major health resorts in Slovenia work wonders for the people who suffer from rheumatic diseases, heart and circulatory diseases, digestive disorders, injuries to the locomotor system, gynecological diseases, metabolic diseases, neurological and neurotic diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, mouth and teeth diseases, skin diseases, eye diseases and respiratory ailments.

At the medical centres of Slovenian health resorts modern medical equipments, trained and knowledgeable staff with kind and relaxing attitude ensures your healing, rehabilitation or illness prevention.

If you want to do something else on your Slovenia spa vacation besides undergoing various massage treatments, sweating in saunas, soak in the pools you have a wide range of activities to choose from:

  • tasting the wines of Slovenia's subalpine vineyards (in fact what can be best for a holiday than combining wine tasting with spa indulgement)
  • playing golf and unwinding in a spa is completely doable in Slovenia, many golf courses have spa on the spot or nearby
  • in winter skiing anf other winter sports provide for active entertainment ( most winter resorts have spa and wellness facilities to make your winter vacation in Slovenia a wonderful and relaxing expreience)

See other tips on having an active vacation in Slovenia.

In spa resorts in Slovenia you’ll enjoy professional and friendly service contributing to a high comfort level and helping you unwind. A Slovenia spa vacation is going to be a blessing for your body as well as your mind, helping you in high spirits if you are bogged down by the daily stress and pressures of life. Come to the spa resorts in Slovenia for the taste of a glorious life, away from all tensions.


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