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Splurge Into A Gallery Of Panorama Along The Slovenia Coast

Gift yourself with a beautiful and memorable vacation this year, in the luxury of the picturesque Slovenia Coast. The coast makes for a wonderful destination, along the Gulf of Trieste, constituting the northernmost region of the Adriatic Sea.


Slovenia's Seaside - Beautiful location, Lots of Fun

The 46 km long Slovene coast is situated in the northernmost part of the vast Mediterranean coast. The coast being at a stone's throw distance from the nearby big metro cities of Northern Italy, Trieste, Austria and the Slovenian mainland is easy to get to by cheap flights. It is a total urban constitution, with many small and medium-sized hotels, inns and fine Italian restaurants.

Slovenia Coast panorama

The Wondrous Climatic Conditions

The ace factor that pulls in the maximum crowd to the Slovenia coast is its lovely climatic condition. The weather in the region remains mild throughout the year, with much less rainfall and a moderate summer and winter season. Find out more about weather and climate in other Slovenian regions.

Though Slovenia stands for a "small" seaside state, yet the place is laden with an abundance of wonderful things to look out for.

The road winding along the coast conects he five main seaside towns, Koper, Izola, Strunjan, Piran and Portoroz so visiting all of them by car is a breeze. There's also a train service between Koper and the capital, Ljubljana (takes about 2 and 1/4 hours).

One of the things I like best in Slovenia is its compactness and versatility. One day I'm up in the Slovenian mountains hiking, or rafting on Sava Dolinka and the next day I'm enjoying the colourful scenery the last rays of the sun paint on the sky and the sea.

Considering the short distances and relatively flat paths exploring the area by bike is a very good idea. The scenic vista of the clear blue Adriatic sea, dotted with white sailboats and the backdrop of the lush green Mediterranean vegetation makes biking relaxing and fun in the fesh coastal breeze.

Slovenia Coast-panorama


When to go?

Well, this a tough question to answer. During the main season form May to September the coastal resorts are packed with tourists, especially in July-August when school is out and families head for their summer vacation.

On the other hand weather is most favourable for bathing in the sea and lying on the sun in the tourist season. The Primorska Summer Festival hosting theathrical and dance performance also takes place in July and first half of August, too.

Since I don't really like crowd I prefer to visit the Slovenian coast either at the beginning of the high season (end of April-beginning of May) or at the end of it (end of September-beginning of October.

I might not be tempted to have a dip in the relatively cold sea but I'm not much of a swimmer anyway. You can paddle in the heated pools filled with seawater at one of the trendy spa and wellness resorts (Talasso Strunjan Spa Hotel or in the Salinera Wellness Resort).

Note that during off-season (October-April) most resturants, cafes, clubs tourist offices, shops, museums have much shorter opening times.


Besides the usual lazy beach fun the coastal area of Slovenia offers many other interesting and fun things to do that kep you busy on cold days. Roaming around the Slovenia coast will surely make you engrossed in the many fishing ports and aristocratic heritage of the historical place.

venetian Architecture in Izola
  • The towns of Piran, Koper and Izola look back to centuries long history in which affluence of Italy played an important role. The Venetian Gothic mansions in the town centres have been preserved in good state as a testimony to the long gone past.
  • The rich cultural heritage can be most absorbed by visiting the many museums and galleries.
  • take a stroll with your loved along the waterfronts lined with cafes and restaurants offering delicious seafood dishes made from the daily catch


  • the Strunjan Country Park contains the salt pans where salt, the white gold, was made through evaporation process for centureis. The strange landscape today is a natural resrve and cultural monument giving home to 270 bird species

Salt Pans Strunjan
the salt pans in Strunjan Country Park

  • If you're holidaying on the Slovenian coast the salt pans in the Secovlje Country Park and nature reserve are a must visit.
  • The Primorska region in which the seaside lies is one of the main wine producing areas in Slovenia that you can taste on the Goriska Brda wine route.
  • Nightlife entertainment like clubbing, gambling is centered mainly in Portoroz where the 5 km sandy beach sports high-end hotels, shops, bars, casinos.
  • see the coast from birds eye view by going on a panoramic flight (depart form the airport nearby Portoroz, the cc. 15-minute ride coasts 35 €, Apr-Sep: 8.00-20.00, Oct-Mar: 15.00-17.00, tel: +386 672 25 25)


If you are adventure-hungry and long for a thrilling day-out, then Strunjan Cliff between Izola and Piran might be just the right getaway destination for you and your friends. The stiff eighty meter wall on the Adriatic Coast stands out amongst all for its extraordinary uniqueness.

Travelers can also relax by the pristine Slovenia beach, and ponder over the stunning grandeur of the natural environment. The casinos, swimming pools, shopping plazas and luxurious hotels gloriously arrayed near the Slovene coast offers a huge source of entertainment for the tourists to come and enjoy in the sea of pleasure and delight.

Sightseeing in the Nearby Areas

Pay a visit to the historical Secovlje Country Park and nature reserve in the Koper municipality area, constituting a sanctuary with more than one hundred species of birds. The items on display in the Saltwork Museum help you imagine how the saltworkers lived and you can learn about the process of salt making that once was a major source of income in the coastal region of Slovenia.

The picturesque Karst region abounds in large cave systems like Postojna or Skocjan that worth exploring during your Slovenia beach vacation.

Go for day trips on the Prince of Venice catamaran (return ticket: 70 €) from Portoroz to Venice. Trieste or other towns in Northern Italyare also accessible by car or boat. Hire a yacht if you prefer to be the boss on your luxurious cruise ( 4-6 berth sailing yacht costs 1000 €/week-3000 €/week at Jonathan Jachting in Portoroz..


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