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Popular Cities In Slovenia

A brief discussion on the popular cities in Slovenia has been highlighted in this article. Residing in Southern Central Europe, Slovenia witnessed many foreign interventions like the Roman rules, the Turkish incursions, and the two World Wars. Recently the country attained complete independence as Republic of Slovenia in 1991.
Slovenia constitutes twenty different towns and cities.

Cities in Slovenia

Ljubljana - the capital

Ljubljana cityscape

Ljubljana is the largest of all Slovenian cities. It is the capital city of Slovenia and centre of economic, political, administrative, cultural and social developments.

Located between Alps and the Mediterranean, the city is segmented into several municipalities. The all round development of the city has given an economic boost to the city.

In December the whole town is preparing for the fetsive Christmas season and New Year's Eve. Christmas markets, concerts, street shows, children's programs offer a wide range of entertainment during Christmas in Ljubljana.
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Maribor Townscape

Honored as the second largest city, the population is a little above 100000.

It is beautifully located at the junction of river Drava, Pohorje Mountain, Kozjak and Slovenske Gorice Hill ranges.



Ptuj Townscape

The most charming town of the Stajerska region lyes on the bank of the Drava river.

The oldest town in Slovenia has its roots in the Stone Age. It played an important role in Slovenia's history that's showed in the rich architecture and cultural heritage of the town.




Tucked in the eastern side of the Carniolan region of Slovenia, city Domzale boasts with its agricultural richness, small businesses and industries in the domain of Tosama, Kolicevo paper mill, Helios. The city is an animated cultural counter of art and music.


Ajdovscina Slovenia

A small town and a municipality, the city is knotted amidst the greenery of the Vipava valley of Slovenia.

The Second World War brought in great changes and transformed the city into an economic and cultural haven dotted with several flourishing industries.

A mix of Roman monuments and medieval buildings makes the townscape very attractive.


People recognize Jesenice for the popular steel making company and its controversial hockey club, Acroni Jesenice. Situated on the Slovene part of Karavanke mountain range, the place boasts about its ironworks and metallurgical flourishing that have given a boost to the present development that can be noticed in every part of the city.


Piran Slovenia coast

Piran on the Slovene seaside is rich in medieval architecture and affluent cultural heritage. The special feature of the town is the compact houses and the narrow streets that draw the attention.

The town offers picturesque scenery sitting at the tip of Piran peninsula along the Gulf of Piran. Violinist and composer, Giuseppe Tartini was born on its land, translating the place into a rich cultural heritage site.



The Romans first built the city on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, in Southwestern Slovenia. The authority of the place went into the hands of the Venetian Republic.

During the 16th century, plague struck the city. In the 19th century, Izola was torn apart from the mainland during the French occupancy.


Koper Slovenia

The population figure reading slightly more than 47000, Koper is the largest commercial port in Slovenia.

The city is a historical sight featuring the Carmine Rotunda Church from the 12th century, Praetorian Palace in Venetian Gothic style from the 15th century, Cathedral of St Nazarius towering the 14th century magnificent structure on the top.


Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica took birth in 1948, when the Paris Peace Treaty was established. According to the treaty, a new border was settled between Yugoslavia and Italy and secluded Gorizia from the lower Vipava valley outside Yugoslavia. At present, Gorica boasts for being the principal urban city of Gorizia.


Kranj Slovenia

Kranj records a population of 53000 located within 20 km northwest of Ljubljana.

It is the fourth largest city and thirds largest municipality in Ljubljana.


The Krško Nuclear Power Plant has put the city into recognition, worldwide. Valvasorjeva hiša, churches of St' John, Capuchin convent, the 15th century medieval castle, are the highlights of the city.

Krško ideally beckons the pleasure hunters to the pleasing sights of Gorjanci mountain range, Kostanjevica Cave and Krakovo forest.


Tolmin-Kobarid Soca valley

Standing gracefully at the confluence of river Soca and Tolminka, Tolmin is the largest settlement in the upper Soca valley.

What is notable in the town is the multitude of vestiges from the First World War. The church of the Holy Spirit is the most significant relic of its time.



Postojna Caves

People recognize the city for the 20 km long cave system, the Postojna cave. Janez Vajkard Valvasor discovered the cave in the 17th century, until in 1818; a new part of the cave was explored.

Salamander Proteus anguinus (often referred to as human fish) and Leptodirus hochenwartii (blind cave beetle) are the rare species that flock the cave. Read more about other caves in Slovenia.




Alonside River Sava, the city sits on the valley of Trbovlje. The city came to limelight after the Trbovlje Chimney (360 m) was built, which is the highest chimney in Europe.

Murska Sobota

Murska Sobota-Castle Sobota

Situated in Northeastern Slovenia, in the Prekmurje region, Murska Sobota is a town and municipality. It has in total 22000 inhabitants. The town was once under the Hungarian sovereignty between 1941 and 1945.

The town offers on the Lendava stream offers strange combination of architectural styles. A good base point to explore the folk treasures of the Pomurje region and indulge in the nearby spa and wellness resorts


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