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Castles in Slovenia – A Cocktail Of Mystery, Charm And Beauty

It is impossible not being fascinated by the charm of the castles in Slovenia. Didn't the castles in the fairy tales make you dream when you were a kid? Well, even if you are grown up now, the thought of castles and the mysterious air that surrounds them still succeed in casting a bewitching spell on you.

Slovenia’s castles attract lots of tourists from all over the world. The castles will mesmerize you with their architecture and once you look at them, you will know for sure why they are deemed as “architectural gems of all time”. For Slovenia, the castles are significant landmarks that not only have architectural excellence but also have a great historical significance.

A Peek at the Castles of Slovenia

Bled castle at lake Bled

When you are in Slovenia, you cannot miss the chance of visiting the wonderful Bled Castle. The castle overlooks Lake Bled and the formidable ridges of the Julian Alps provide a spectacular background.

This castle built in the Gothic architectural style looks very elegant. Enter the castle, and your jaw will drop in amazement at the beautifully done interiors in the Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic, Classic, and Biedermeier style of furnishing.

This oldest Slovenia castle has a museum, a wine cellar, a restaurant and a bar.

Opening hours (castle museum): 1st May-30th Sep: 8.00-20.00, 1st Oct-30th Apr: 8.00-17.00


Ptuj castle

Ptuj Castle is among the popular castles in Slovenia and without visiting it your trip to the cultural heritage of Slovenian Republic remains incomplete.

This castle is one of the oldest castles of Slovenia. The Renaissance and Baroque architectural style of the edifice is what attracts all eyes. The museum here houses local handcrafts, rare paintings and antique items.

Opening hours of the museum: 15th Oct-1st May: 9.00-17.00 daily, May-June & Sep-15th Oct: 9.00-18.00, Jul-Aug: 9.00-18.00 (until 20.00 on weekends)

Admission: 3 €/adults, 1.70 €/child, student


Predjama cave Castle Slovenia

If you know people who have been to Slovenia, ask them whether they have visited Predjama Castle. The answer is sure to be a resounding YES.

This castle is one of the most visited of all Slovenia castles. The unique architectural style makes it one of the most impressive castles of the world.

Other things to look out for include the Lovka stream flowing through the underground caves of the building and the 123-meter high cliff of limestone that seems to hang over the structure of Predjama castle.

Opening hours: May & Sep: 9.00-18.00, Jun-Aug: 9.00-19.00, Apr & Oct: 10.00-18.00, Nov-Mar: 10.00-16.00 (Sat, Sun: 10.00-17.00)

Admission: 7€/adults, 4-5 €/child, 5-6 €/students


Ljubljana castle

Once you step into the Ljubljana Castle, you will get to experience the flavor of the 9th century, when the castle was built.

This castle has a huge historical significance; it was originally a residence of the governors, and then was made into a prison. At present, the castle is a museum and it’s on the must-see list of tourists visiting the Slovene capital.

Opening hours (castle & funicular): 1st Oct-30th Apr: 10.00-21.00, 1st May-30th Sep: 9.00-23.00




Other Castles in Slovenia

When it comes to castles in Slovenia, the list just goes on. Slovenia is filled with castles; you can have a great time enjoying what you see.

The Otocec Castle stands on an Island in the river Krka which add a romantic ambience to the place. The Castle dates back to the 13th century though it changed owners a few times since then which resulted in constant rebuilts and alterations. The main architectural style of the building is Baroque and Renaissance. Round towers and an inner tower stood guard against attacks.

Today the castle is an elegant 5 star hotel with period furnishings and a fine restaurant. The nearby golf course is the longest in Slovenia and offers enjoyable activity for both amateur and professional golfers.

Otocec castle Slovenia

Otocec Castle in the embarce of Krka river from birds eye view

Another charming castle on the Krka's riverbank is Struga Castle. The medieval edifice is a fine examlpe of 16thcentury architecure. At the riding centre in Struga you can go for horseback riding.

Grad Castle in western part of Goricko hills is one of the largest Slovene castles. According to some the structure of the fortress hides mysterious numerical combinations part of which is the number of rooms which is 365.

Fuzine Castle near Ljubljana is a convenient bike trip from Ljubljana. The museum of architecture here is a dedication to the greatest Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik.

Metlika Castle is located in the vine region of Southern Slovenia. Other than housing the Bela Krajina regional museum and the firefighting museum that is based at the building next to the castle, the castle is also known for holding many folklore events accompanied with the local groups who revel by dancing, enjoying music and drinking wine.

Skofja Loka Castle has a medieval town setting with a museum as well as a bar. The medieval objects at the museum will be something you will simply adore.

Skofja Loka castle

Prem Castle in the Notranjske region gives a cozy feel to all who enter it. If you are in Slovenia with your lover and looking for a romantic escape, then this castle is just the place for you.

Prem Castle

Apart from the aforementioned castles, you will find many other castles to visit



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